It came pleasant to hear the president declare his acceptance of the apology that ABS-CBN expressed through its Chief Executive Officer Carlo Katigbak. The pronouncement was in response to the meek and humble statement offered by Katigbak during the senate hearing on the renewal of franchise by the media network. The humility of the statement drew positive reactions from the public despite some adverse comments from some sectors. The possibility of good communication between the president and the network came to light with the acceptance of wrong that may have caused the ire of the president.
Indeed, it is difficult to avoid conflict with both parties in animosity. The communication gap grew wider while the parties kept talking in different venues before different audiences. The talks reach each party differently as the message was distorted by various interest from both camps. Drawing near the expiration of the franchise, dark scenarios hovered many people who are affected by the resultant effect of the network’s closure. Fear of the workers losing their gainful employment was a primary concern as their families would suffer the economic consequences.
Another concern was on the aspect of press freedom should the network be closed. The deprivation of information is deemed an attack on the a democratic institution that is protected by the constitution. With the prospect of non-renewal of the franchise, the network is confronted with the risk of operating without the required franchise. So much confusion was lurking in the minds of the people who are at the receiving end of whatever outcome the conflict may end with.
When both parties opened their positions to acceptance of each other’s interest, the public saw a light at the end of a dark tunnel. This development paves the way towards a peaceful solution notwithstanding the pending action of the solicitor general and the lower house of congress.Somehow, the people saw an avenue to peace.
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