FARM-TO-MARKET ROAD. Residents of Barangays San Isidro and Osmeña, both in MacArthur, Leyte, are now enjoying a concrete road initiated by Leyte’s second engineering district. The project amount at P11.92 million with a length of 992 linear meter.(L2DEO)

TACLOBAN CITY– The completed farm-to-market road (FMR) in Barangay San Isidro, MacArthur in Leyte is benefitting the community in improving the mobility of goods and services and serving as a link for better access to basic social services such as healthcare facilities, schools, and employment.

District Engineer Leo Edward Oppura mentioned that since the project has been completed, it has been a great help to the farmers traversing along San Isidro to Brgy. Osmeña.
Adding to that, they will no longer endure the muddy and bumpy roads during the rainy season, while road dust is brought on by the unpaved dirt roads.

Meanwhile, transportation and delivery of agricultural produce such as rice grains and root crops to the nearby towns are now faster and with lower hauling costs, thus increasing the income of the local farmers.

Accessibility and delivery of basic government and healthcare services is now smoother and easier for the villagers, while students will have a better opportunity to seek a better education system in the town proper.

The project involves the construction of 992 linear meters of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP) in 5 meters of width and is in convergence with the CY 2023 Department of Agriculture (DA) program.