cartoon 31We hear of this declaration from our religions preachers that prayers can move mountains and therefore is the only effective approach to various lives’s concerns specially those that affect the vast expanse of our taxpaying population. For almost a year now the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel P11 billion scam or simply put, thievery that involves a well-heeled businesswoman in cahoots with “honorable” legislators and other leaders in government agencies is slowly grinding. Sadly, for almost a year now three senators have been found to have been proven by credible government investigating bodies that have discovered strong evidences to prove they have committed the crime and so cases have been filed against Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon “Bong” Revilla, and Jinggoy Estrada in the Sandiganbayan. Scores of other senators, congressmen, Cabinet members even private sector “mystery agents” and others have also been exposed. Unfortunately and to our frustrations these suspects are still scot-free. They have not been arrested. That’s our Philippine justice system. If these charges were committed by you and me, the lesser citizens, the ordinary ones, we shall have been in jail already, and await hearings during scheduled court trial and to be released only if proven not guilty. There is therefore a need now for our Christian communities to jointly storm the heavens with prayers that something should be done soonest to make these thieves bear the brunt of their abuses through our laws. Let us not forget that the PDAF funds – billions of them come from government’s hard-earned taxes intended for poor people, to improve agriculture production, specially. These politicians appear like they are far away from and beyond the reach of Philippine laws. The last resort therefore is to offer prayers that our Heavenly Father send His spirit of justice soonest to cleanse this nation with thieves in government, and for them to suffer for the misdeeds they have blatantly committed.