ObserverDBM Secretary Florencio Abad has announced that government has already released P32.2billion as to finance government agencies tasked to undertake post disaster relief and reconstruction programs of the areas devastated by Yolanda. The National Electrification Administration (NEA) got P5.4B to restore power; P2.2 Billion for National Housing Associations housing programs. That is why a good percentage of the area hit by Yolanda has already restored electricity; we still have to really see which of the housing projects come from the National Housing Authority because what we have seen are housing projects of foreign donors. The most recent fund release is P2.01B was for the Dept. of Interior and Local Government for rehabilitation and repairs of municipal halls, public markets, civic centers and police stations. DSWD got P1.07B to be used to underwrite relief operations in communities ravage by Yolanda. They are doing their jobs. It’s heartwarming to note especially when Secretary Abad says that more releases should be expected, to speed up the rehab efforts in areas affected by Yolanda. -0- What remains painful even reaching the height of hopelessness and anger at this point in time is whether the alleged perpetrators in this shameful biggest thievery perpetrated by “honorable” but shameless legislators and other government officials involved in the so called PDAF scam is will these dishonest officials go to jail? Not in a short while, I project. The names of public officials specially congressmen and senators have been exposed in Ben Hur Luy’ hard disc files and those of DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima’s to include those of Secretary Ping Lacson, since last year yet. -oOo- But what do we read and hear? A surge of denial, denial and denials coming from majority of these suspects are quite disturbing. Counter charges have even been done by these suspects by filing libel cases to operators of media outlets and whistle blowers. Are we equal before the law? A big flat No! If the three Senators (Estrada, Revilla, Enrile) were just an ordinary Juan de la Cruz they could have been arrested and clapped in jail already. Since their crimes are non bailable offenses they should have stayed in jail until the courts shall have cleansed and released them if proven innocent. It appears that since these are not only powerful public officials but they are wealthy as well that our justice system appears weak in implementing legal procedures to officials like them. They are the top ten among Senators with the highest net worth in 2013, based on their SALN. Jinggoy Estrada ranked No. 3 with a net worth of P195million; Bong Revilla ranked 4th , with a net worth of P166million and Enrile 7th; whose net worth is P166.7 M.