CATARMAN, Northern Samar– The provincial government considers expanding the medical scholarship program for pre-med and post-med study.

In a bid to ensure adequate human resources for health, and to cater to the growing healthcare needs of the province, the PGNS Medical Scholarship Board tackled today, February 16, 2023, the proposal to expand the medical scholarship program for pre-medicine course and the specialization of doctors.

With Provincial Health Officer Ninfa Kam and Provincial Administrator Efren Sabong leading the discussion, the group were convinced that the province need more nurses to complement our healthcare service delivery requirements, and specialist doctors to cater to the increasing demand for specialized care.

The board, after deliberation, agreed to formalize the program proposal through the passing of an Ordinance which will be sponsored by Dr. Gilbert Layon, the chair of the SP Committee on Health and who also sits a as member of the Medical Scholarship Board.

Similar to the scholarship program for aspiring doctors, the proposed expanded scholarship for nurses, residency training and fellowship program for medical practitioners will primarily be offered to Nortehanons who will serve the province after completion of their study or specialization. The PGNS MSP Board are soon to work on the guidelines, for final approval of the Governor.

The Residency Training and Fellowship Program concept was presented by Dr. Joseph Estanislao while Dr. Catherine Miral, the Scholarship Program for Nurses.

Provincial Budget Officer Adelwisa Lucero, and Provincial Human Resource Management and Development Officer represented by Melissa Muncada participated in the exchange, facilitated by Ms. Amelita Noroña, technical working group vice chair.

The group also agreed on the reopening in March of this year, the Medical Scholarship Program for those already taking up Medicine proper or will be commencing their study in the coming school semester 2023-2024.

The program is part of the priority thrusts of Governor Edwin Ongchuan under his development agenda dubbed as, Sustained PROGRESS.

For inquiries on the Medical Scholarship Program, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Amelita Noroña at the Provincial Administrator’s Office, 2nd Floor Provincial Capitol. (NORTHERN SAMAR PROVINCIAL INFORMATION OFFICE)