Matin-ao Elementary School of Burauen North District, adhere this policy to let everyone feel that education is free.
No tuition fee and no contribution will be facilitated in all learning institution as being mandated by the Department of Education.
Our school was so lucky to have this because we were then able to welcome our learners as we started our classes during the first month of school year.
As we initiated this mandate the community and stakeholders have been encouraged to join the campaign for enrolment.
With the help of course of the teachers and the administrators and the strong camaraderie of stakeholders and parents we were able to establish a successful way of welcoming our school children.
No collection policy in school is really great help on the part of the Department of Education and so with the parents.
This is to ensure that education would be inclusive and not be subjective, this would serve also as an avenue of calling the young and old learners to acquire a tidbits of knowledge that would easily lead them to have a better future.
With this endeavor of the DepEd family “NO COLLECTION POLICY” is really a real instrument in crafting education among our youth bringing with them the hope and confidence to better serve our very own country the Philippines.
(Note: The author is a teacher of the Matin-ao Elementary School, Burauen North District)