TACLOBAN CITY-The municipal tourism office of Daram, Samar is confident that more tourists will visit Kandiwata Islet, the town’s premier tourist attraction.

KANDIWATA ISLET. The natural rock formation found in Kandiwata Islet in Daram town, Samar and its pristine water is seen to rival other tourist attractions in the country. With the loosening of travel restrictions, more tourists are expected to visit the islet. (Photo Courtesy)

Nathan Abinguna, municipal tourism officer, said that the possible influx of tourists to their town, especially this summer season, could be attributed to the fact that Kandiwata Islet is now fast gaining attraction among tourists, aside from the fact that travel restrictions have been lax.

“We are expecting that this will also increase more until the next following months of April May and June, which are our expected peak seasons,” he said.

For the first quarter of this year, Kandiwata Islet was visited by 1,114 tourists or a 63 percent increase compared to last year of the same period, or 685 tourists.

To help tourists to have a better trip, they advised them to make a reservation first, especially those who wanted to use the floating cottages.

Visitors may make a reservation by contacting them at their hotline: 0968-875-3003 or by sending a message on their Facebook account at Daram Tourism Office.

Kandiwata is a small islet that used to be a hidden gem of Daram until it became known to local tourists who dubbed it as little Palawan due to its exquisite rock formations that can be compared to those that are found in the said province.

The islet is more than an hour motorboat ride travel away from Catbalogan city port for tourists from mainland Samar or from Babatngon port from those coming from Leyte Island.

Kandiwata has clear emerald waters where tourists may enjoy snorkeling and swimming with a small portion of the islet with white powdery sand.