Honesty aside, it really does not required expertise in financial management for one to earn millions of money. One has only to have guts and a thick face to embezzle huge sums from the public coffers. It however requires luck to be a child of a consenting parent who would willingly allow the grant of confidential funds out of taxpayers’ money. The asking for funds does not need to explain its use or purpose. It is all up to the asker on how to use the money in confidence and with all the confidence of a powerful spoiled brats.

Living and growing with much money that is beyond the needs of the child and beyond the means of the parent becomes a way of life in the family. The family members do not care asking where the huge money come from. All that is important is that they live lavishly as they wish and the taxpayers have no way to hold them accountable as they funds are confidential. Such setup eventually gets elevated to the national level where the child uses the same tricks that was proven effective in the past.

The lavish spending was discovered and revealed to the ever supportive gullible followers and the blind factotums running the legislative mill. It has caught attention to the public that had raised calls for transparency and accountability. The evasive brats who had employed defenders to parry all inquisitive probers had been dragged to a nook where the noose would catch the neck of the overfed chick.

A day is in the offing when the reckoning will bring the abuses that had kept the taxpayers in the stranglehold of the powerful brats. It is not far to infer that the huge funds in confidential pockets will soon pocket the culprits to damnation, hopefully in their lifetime.
While people are being taxed out of their hard-earned money, the shenanigans in power are enjoying their loot with gusto. A no nonsense probe by well-meaning progressive persons in the legislature may just be the missing link for people to feel the revolting situation. A peaceful action to call for transparency and accountability may just be the cause to halt the bragging of the spoiled bratss that are brandishing their being millionaires.
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