CATBALOGAN CITY- Mayor Stephany Uy- Tan issued an appeal to her people to avoid using of plastic and proper throwing of wastes as their contributions in protecting the environment.
“We are calling all Catbaloganons to contribute in your own simple way. By simply not throwing your garbage anywhere and by minimizing the use of plastic, you will make a difference,” the city mayor, who recently received a recognition from the Climate Reality Project Philippines, said.
“If plastic is improperly dispose, this will pollute our environment especially the sea which is our source of food. The pollution it creates does not only lessen the number of marine life but also affects the livelihood of people who are depending on sea to get their source of income,” Mayor-Uy-Tan added.
The city mayor said that waste like plastic also results in flooding once they clogs the waterways.
“For us to have a clean environment, the effort should not start with one person alone but for the entire city to work in making and keeping the environment clean and livable,” she added.
As part of the environmental protection program of the city government, Mayor Uy-Tan led in the launching of the Cabugawan Eco Park in Barangay Cabugawan on Buri Island.
The project is part of the ecotourism program of the city through its Sustainable Tourism and Ecological Protection (STEP) Program under the Office of the City Tourism, Culture, Arts and Information.
The eco-park which is managed by the barangay covers a three-hectare mangrove area which can be access through the 350-meters boardwalk constructed along the protected area.
Three gazebos were constructed that will be used for-eco-educational tour coordinated with the City Environment and Natural Resources where visitors at the eco-park will be taught on the importance of mangrove to human and to the ecosystem which includes as nesting ground of marine life such as fish, shrimps, crabs.
Mangroves also protect shorelines from damaging storm and strong winds, waves, and floods. It also help in preventing soil erosion by stabilizing sediments with their tangled root systems.
They also help maintain water quality and clarity, filtering pollutants and trapping sediments originating from land.