BORONGAN CITY-The completion of elementary and junior high school through the Alternative Learning System (ALS) is a step towards obtaining education.
This is one of the impressions articulated by the ALS 2018 completers numbering to 139 at the Eugenio S. Daza Elementary School Covered Court as they received their certificates.
In his message, Borongan City Division Assistant Superintendent Gaudencio Aljibe said that the graduates may choose the different academic tracks in senior high school like humanities or technical/vocational and livelihood track.
“We admire your skills, good attitude and determination despite your situation,” Aljibe said in his message.
He shared that there are many examples of successful people who have achieved their dreams through the ALS.
He stressed that this batch surpassed the officials’ expectation when it scored a 90 percent passing rate in the ALS examination. The earlier batch, he said, posted 82 percent as passing rate.
Different situations
Lowel M. Amosco, Jr., 20, from Barangay San Mateo stopped schooling when he got sick, he was in his second year high school then.
His father, a tricycle driver, urged him to try ALS. Lowel plans to enroll in Don Bosco Vocational School but is still undecided which vocational course to take.
Manuel Ribay, 19, is from Barangay Maybacong. His mother admitted she asked him to stop schooling because she observed that she did not like the friends he has. Her son dutifully obliged and just opted to work in the construction company of a distant relative.
ALS completer at 57
Inspired by her son, Allan Arma who teaches ALS, Nenita Arma asked her son if she could also join her neighbors in Lalawigan village enrolled in ALS.
She married early and now takes care of her grandchildren. In between being a nanny, she pored over her son’s learning modules and completed the course. At her age, she still wants to pursue education, but is worried that when she graduates, she will then be a senior citizen and could not get a teaching job anymore.
Her son Allan was quick to reply that it does not matter whether she would not work as a teacher, at least her mom could brag that she finished schooling.
Class Topnotcher
Jenilyn Bajado, the class topnotcher, delivered her farewell speech in Filipino. She hopes to pursue an academic track.
For her, success would be finishing a degree, having a small business, working abroad or working in the government.
She plans to pursue a college degree but cannot decide yet. Her graduation from junior high school is a fulfillment of a dream.
Their graduation song, Isang Pangarap, reverberated in the hall, while some shyly mouthed the lyrics, others became emotional.
For the ALS graduates, completing this level of education is one of their Isang Pangarap-One Dream! (PIA-8, E. Samar)