‘Yolanda’ considered as climate-change induced typhoon

TACLOBAN CITY-Mayor Alfred Romualdez of this city expressed his hope that now that the United States has a new president, the world’s super power would resume its commitment on Paris climate change agreement.
Romualdez made this remark as the city marked the seventh year of the onslaught of Super Typhoon “Yolanda” on Sunday (Nov. 8) as scientists and experts have said that the massive typhoon was climate change-induced.
On Sunday (Philippine time), former vice president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden was declared as the winner against reelectionist Pres. Donald Trump.
Upon the order of Trump, the United States withdrew from the Paris climate change agreement effective Nov. 5 this year.
But Biden vowed to return to the Paris climate change agreement once he gets the White House.
“I hope the United States will go back and really push for the (Paris) climate change agreement because it was not given emphasis and importance under the administration of Pres. Trump,” Romualdez said in an interview.
“I don’t have a personal choice. I just speak on the issue,” he added.
According to the city mayor, climate change mostly affects the world’s poor countries like the Philippines reason addressing it should be given a top priority.
Former US vice president Al Gore, considered as among the leading personalities in the world in fighting against climate change, visited Tacloban last March 12,2016.
Yolanda killed more than 2,200 people in the city and almost P10 billion worth of properties, both public and private, were damaged or destroyed in the city.