cart22Some 2,000 people attended the 100th day gathering for remembrance to scores of victims of the strongest-ever Yolanda typhoon that hit Tacloban and other areas of Eastern Visayas, November 8, 2013. They felt so elated by the inspiring message of Mayor Alfred Romualdez at the Tacloban astrodome, Sunday the 9th day of February 2014.
The mayor pledged to create a “better Tacloban,” now effectively undergoing massive rehabilitation efforts. He revealed that he has come up with a master plan to make this happen.
While he revealed that vast local resources have been and will be employed to realize the “better Tacloban” objective, he expressed optimism that the national government will come up with its share to make this happen.
The occasion was attended by evacuees, other typhoon victims and a host of humanitarian groups of other nations who have been part of the rehabilitation activities. These groups have expressed their desire to continue helping Tacloban as articulated by one speaker from the United Nations.
All hands are on deck for the rebuilding activities, but Taclobanons, the immediate beneficiaries should not simply watch with folded arms and does nothing but should actively join in the activities.