In the book of Genesis, particularly Chapters 6-9, we are looking into the life of Noah and the flood.

Ten generations after Adam, God saw the Earth as corrupt and violence persisted. He was able to decide that He would destroy the. Earth with a deluge or a big, big flood.

He however saw Noah, whom the book of Genesis described as a righteous Man.

As the Ark was made and pairs of animals or the male and female are ushered in, the vessel which Noah made ,as per God’s instructions, was ready.

Then, after a long wait ,the rain started pouring and the flood subdued the Earth.
These days, the rains are falling on us.

Even, if we attribute this to climate change or random reality, many of us thinks, these pouring of abundant water from our clouds, are punishment.

It’s a way of reminding us to be good.

Did the region felt its muscles of sort? Did the people realized that it is such?

As the rain pours, one is trying to bend his neck to the skies, looking for the rainbow.
The Rainbow, is a marker of God’s gracious promise.

In Genesis 9, God said that never would He destroy the lives of the Earth by flood.

And now, as rains pour ,and the rainbow is not around, we hope that there will be change of hearts among us.

Perhaps, when the Sun comes back, we should look back at this rainy days when the rainbow is not around.