The senate probe continues to uncover the purported truth behind the alleged leaked document. As pointed out by the new senate president, the senate probe emanated from a photo of that leaked document that went viral on social media. Questioned on his credibility following the discovery of alleged false entries in his personal data sheet, the former drug enforcement agent denies what he thinks to be unauthentic entries that he surmises could have been fabricated by those women and men working in the drug agency. He insists to get hold of the original as the certified true copy is to him unreliable.

The former senate president pro tempore remarked that the former drug enforcement agent had been lying before the committee, threatening to cite him in contempt and put him in prison. But the former drug enforcement agent remains unperturbed, standing his ground that he is not the source of the leak. Amidst the conflicting testimonies from people who are all sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, the complicated testimonies kept on piling on the senate records.

It is taking more time and involving more people as the senate probe continues. It appears now that the personal data sheet of the former drug enforcement agent has become the subject of the investigation as the leaked information remains in the sideline. People are watching the unfolding drama that is too far from its desired conclusion.

It would be recalled that the senate probe was initially on the alleged report that leaked from the drug enforcement agency linking the magical president and an actress as being into the use of prohibited drugs. That report was merely denied by the subject personalities and the senate commenced a probe on the veracity of the leaked information. However, the investigation in aid of legislation had diverted into the veracity of the testimony of the former drug enforcement agent. By and by, the probe had gone into more leaks.
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