Beleaguered Criminal Investigation and Detection Group regional head Supt. Marvin Marcos was ordered by no less than Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to be reinstated to his post in Eastern Visayas after he was dragged to the controversial killing of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa. This despite the accusations and lashing against Marcos as to his involvement in alleged extortion and illegal drugs issues. Apparently, Pres. Duterte is exonerating the embattled head of CIDG regional office.
Absolving Marcos from accusations of being actively participating in unlawful acts such as extortion and illegal drugs trade or worse as among the so-called “ninja cops” could be too much. In the first place from what allegation is he being declared probably guilty of? No case has been lodged in any court of competent jurisdiction against him or at least before the prosecutor’s offfice. This presupposes that no evidence is yet at hand to pin him down or establish a guilt that is beyond reasonable doubt.
Secondly, he is apparently doing his job only that the result went out beyond people’s imagination. This unimaginable result shocked the senses of consciencious individuals, notwithstanding the denial of CIDG-8 operatives that the killing was a rubout. Still, the presumption of regularity in the performance of police function governs at all times unless proven by preponderance of evidence that he failed or abused such prerogative.
The order for Supt. Marcos’ return to his post at CIDG-8 opens the floodgate of aspersion. Having been publicly accused of being behind the killing of Mayor Espinosa in his detention cell at Leyte subprovincial jail in Baybay City and of another alleged drug lord Edgar Allen Alvarez inside his detention nook at the Abuyog Penal Colony in April this year. Both were killed during an operation of the CIDG on allegation that the two fought back while the search and the raid were being conducted respectively in Baybay jail and Abuyog jail by CIDG men.
Marcos may be innocent of being behind the killings of the two alleged drug lords. But is he, really? The future will tell. What is palpable is Pres. Duterte is behind Marcos’ return to Leyte allegedly enveloped in illegal drugs trade issues. For now, everyone is kept at bay.