Not just memory but honor is given by the living for all dear departed every this day of the year. People pray for all the souls in purgatory in the faith that they will merit the heaven that Jesus promised. The assurance of salvation was made by Jesus for all the faithful who lived to follow His will. But man had fallen short of God’s grace by living in sin apart from the way that Jesus had shown. It is due to man’s sinful ways that we fall from the merit of the salvation that God promised us.

As death comes like a theft in the night, man is caught unprepared and unworthy of God’s promised salvation. In most cases, man is called by his creator without even being able to seek pardon and reconciliation. But even as man is caught in his sinful and unworthy state, there is hope of salvation for those who believe that there is purgatory where souls are purged and cleansed to be worthy of that promised place in God’s kingdom.

This is the reason why Catholics pray for their dead in the hope and faith that their dear departed will someday be cleansed to merit salvation. Prayers for the dead will earn merit for the souls of those who died unworthy of salvation. The visit to the graves of our dead during All Souls Day is done not just to remember our dead for the fond memories of their lives but more importantly, to pray so that someday they will merit salvation and be able to enter God’s kingdom.

It is truly a wonderful tradition that we set aside a special day every year for our dead. The day ought to be solemn as we remember our loved ones and pray for their salvation. We may not have been remembering them often as we should and pray for their salvation as often as we must but we have this day for that special intention. Apart from the flowers, candles and food that we prepare for our dead, we must above all be prepared in prayers and reflection for our dear departed.

In this year’s All Souls Day, we must therefore go back to the basics by giving more focus on the essentials of the celebration. As we visit the graves of our loved ones, we are expected to offer prayers for our dead. There are masses being celebrated in Catholic cemeteries aside from the prayers that families offer before the graves of their dear departed. Such is the most significant practices that we ought to do in our visit to the cemeteries.

If we can only focus on the essential practices for the salvation of our dead, there would be no problems for our peace officers who are made too busy maintaining public safety and order. The frenzy that most people do in the cemetery is the common causes of disorder that authorities want to minimize if not totally eliminate. The noisy revelry and partying with food and drinks in the cemetery had been the concern of public authorities who want to ensure peace and order and public health. We must try going back to the basics by offering prayers by the family and loved ones of those who had been called by God to the great beyond.
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