An abused Tagalog cliche states, “Sa taong gusto maraming paraan at sa taong ayaw maraming dahilan.” Pres. Noynoy Aquino though attempting to convey this adage was not able to quote it in such phrase but with his own convenient words during an interview while on his very recent trip abroad. Though uttered in divergent manner, the drift advanced the same idea, that is he is much willing to support all moves to keep himself in the presidential seat for another time. This, according to PNoy’s detractors, is to the point of amending the 1987 Constitution to suffice this hunger for power.
What could be these means that will further the cause and achieve the end so desired? The First siblings, meaning PNoy and his siblings are known to have victored an a challenge which objective their alleged allies are said to be advancing now against all odds. This is even at the cost of a Charter Change in the guise of economic advancement of this third-world country.
Lately, the waters are rippling, disturbing the calm recesses of the people’s democratic proclivity. DILG Sec. Mar Roxas in one Manila-based TV interview broached the idea of PNoy extending his term instead of him running for presidency in 2016 but carrying out the programs embarked on by PNoy and using Pnoy’s achievement as benchmark. Sec. Roxas, notwithstanding the good it offers those who stand to benefit from a second term of PNoy, stressed that such thought of the President’s extension only his personal view, not the PNoy administration neither the Liberal Party’s stance.
Was not the Aquino siblings proven to be master of such scheme? Was it not the same style they used that catapulted PNoy to power? Never could the memory of the greatness of the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino and the charm and equal popularity of the late Pres. Cory Aquino leave the mind of the electorate. In the necrological service at the funeral of this first lady president of the Philippines, PNoy’s celebrity sister floated a word purported to be a disvlosure of the lady president at her deathbed: the PNoy and Kris should continue what their parents have started.
This passing statement of the then rumored politically inclined screen star mothballed into a political avalanche that stepped the supposed presidential aspiration of Roxas. Now this same proven-effective style is being utilized. In spite of the strong denial of Malacañang as being behind the call for PNoy’s term extension, this insinuation could not escape the shadow of PNoy. Although this proposal for term extension of PNoy thru Chacha has good chance of surviving, not all sectors are favoring it, but rather take it as a desperate move to perpetuate themselves in power, giving a nil chance for a better leader to rule the country.
“If there is a will, there is a way,” says another overly used maxim. Just as how the PDAF or the DAP is allegedly being attempted to be resurrected in the 2015 National Budget by Congress in a manner that will not be declared again by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional, the term extension by way of Chacha will defo itely finds its way, too. A democratic exercise, this issue of PNoy’s term extension is a crucial matter that every voter should ponder deeply and sct responsibly on.