In Eastern Samar

BORONGAN CITY- A health service caravan was held in Oras town in celebration of the 2019 National Women’s Month.
On March 6, some 500 Orasnon women from the 42 barangays trooped to the municipal gym to take part in the different activities prepared by local government.
Mayor Viviane Alvarez, in her speech, said she prioritizes the health of her women constituents.
“Akon igin-kakabakyang an tanan nga nakakabulig hit panlawas hit aton mga nanay (I see to it that I seek those who can help make our mothers healthier),” she said.
The lady mayor also said she is constantly coordinating with government agencies concerned with the health and welfare of women.
She informed them that she is pursuing projects in agriculture, livelihood, health and social welfare to ensure the welfare of the people.
Shown in the venue were tarpaulins showing the health achievements of the villages. The barangay chairmen gave a two-minute presentation adding issues and concerns like malnutrition, refusal of mothers to immunize their kids, absence of sanitary toilets and poor access to potable water.
The mayor vowed to try to address the different health issues with her department heads.
“This is how we celebrate Women’s Day by making sure that the health needs of the women in Oras, are addressed,” the mayor told this reporter.
Barangays Tiguib, Minap-os and Alang-alang were awarded as Best Performing Barangay for Health for their initiatives to address the different health issues.
Further, women entrepreneurs displayed their products, mostly food.
In another corner of the gym, the rural health staff had consultation and immunization among children.
Municipal Nutrition Action Office- designate Liezel Balaca also had a mini-lecture on how caregivers can sustain well-nourished children through the new program ‘Idol ko si Nanay’.
Meanwhile, local women leaders from Oras and from some non-government organization were present during the affair. (NBQ/PIA 8-E. Samar)