In Biliran

Governor Gerard Roger Espina

NAVAL, Biliran-Governor Gerard Espina of this province is looking for 500 unemployed education graduates that will serve as remedial instructors.
Gov. Espina stated that due to the lack of face-to-face classes during the pandemic, the quality of performance of the students declined significantly.
He said that in some cases, there has been a ‘regression’ or deterioration of learning and some students are struggling with the return of the in-person classes.
“We will create a program that will have remedial lessons to students who are in need to address the educational lag in our province,” the governor said.
In connection with this program, Gov. Espina will be hiring for 500 unemployed graduates of education courses who are willing to serve as remedial instructors for one month who will aid struggling elementary students.
He said that the Department of Education (DepEd) will also provide with a certificate upon completion of their duty.
“If you are qualified, please send your letter of intention to our satellite offices,” Espina said.