EV has over 4,300 dengue fever cases so far

TACLOBAN CITY- The mayor of Maasin City in Southern Leyte has called on his people to help them combat against the dengue fever cases.

Mayor Naccional Mercado reported that as of September of this week, Maasin has now 92 dengue fever cases for this year.

About 34 of those down by dengue fever were children the youngest was a one-year old girl.

And for the past 13 days now, Maasin has logged 19 cases of dengue though only one remains confined in a hospital.

No death was recorded in the city due to dengue fever so far.

The city mayor has also called on those with symptoms to see doctors and have a rapid diagnostic test for dengue fever.

“Let’s strengthen our campaign against dengue by practicing the ‘4S laban sa dengue.’ Be reminded to keep our surroundings clean. Search and destroy those mosquito breeding sites to effectively counter dengue,” he said.

The 4S refers to search and destroy of breeding places; observe self-protection measures; seek early consultation; and say no indiscriminate fogging except during an outbreak situation.

As of this week, the province of Southern Leyte has 1,114 dengue fever cases, making it with the highest number of dengue fever cases next to Leyte province which has 1,750 cases.

Southern Leyte, with seven deaths, has also reported of the highest mortality due to dengue fever cases in the region.

The Department of Health has reported of 4,318 dengue fever cases as of this week with 13 total deaths.

Last year, the region had only 520 dengue fever cases with no death reported.
The Department of Health (DOH) in the region has reported of 4,318 dengue fever cases as of this week with 13 deaths. (JOEY A. GABIETA)