Despite having garbage trucks roaming around the city of Tacloban, garbage collection is still problematic in many ways, resulting in the accumulation of trash in many areas, including the uncollected ones from homes.

It can be noted that, in some areas, trash barrels are installed in designated corners to make it easy for the garbage collectors to pick them up. Other areas pile up their trash along some roads, at a designated time and date, although this is unhealthy for the people nearby who get exposed to filthy materials. But in some districts, piling up of trash is totally disallowed, hence the accumulation of trash inside the residents’ homes.

The problem is, garbage trucks do not consistently visit the interiors of the city, which is understandable because the bulk of garbage that they pick up along the way is likewise unpredictable. So in this case, what will the people do with their accumulating trash whose piling up is not allowed, yet the garbage trucks do not also collect? Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening in many areas, such as some subdivisions.

Indeed, it’s a big problem for many households—they’re accumulating garbage that they cannot just dump anywhere, that the trash collectors do not collect. Yet city residents pay for these garbage services every year. This is something that the makers of city ordinances should look into and revisit. Surely this is a problem to address.