People are witnessing the breakups and breakdowns of politicians and their political coalitions that had been labeled as unity team. The selfish interests of politicians had caused friction among its members who are out with their personal ambitions for the upcoming presidential election.

Mudslinging is getting intense each day as politicians are up against each other with the aim of obtaining an advantage in the public consciousness. Those in the limelight are uncaring about the repercussions of bringing dirt out of the closet.

The public are just too eager to know the well-kept details of the dirt behind the well-groomed images. The tirades seem to open more cans of worm that will destroy each other’s political career. By far, there seems to be no end in sight to the word war emanating from various corners.

Whoever is able to sustain the black propaganda bring until the peak of the campaign period of the upcoming presidential and local elections would have a better position in the public mind. Those who would succumb to this early political breakup among family members.

The maneuvers employed by the warring faction is creating a deep cut that could result into an irreparable and unbridgable gap.
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