Continuous torrential rains that hit the region these past days had flooded many places. Casualties of the floods had been reported and the families of those who perished are grieving amid the soaked situation of their homes. Damage to crops and livestock are great as reports are being gathered by concerned agencies. Water levels had just subsided a bit and rains fall heavily again, causing the temporary suspension of classes throughout the region. People had to travel through flooded streets to reach destinations risking limbs and life from being caught in deep excavations or carried by the strong currents or catching water borne bacteria. The situation had caused so much inconvenience and suffering to the public and government seem flatfooted in coping with the problem.

Now is the aptest time to determine the areas that are prone to flood. Data about the flood problem is best available in these times as flood levels are at peak. The situation is an engineering problem that requires an engineering solution. It is not and is never a political problem for politicians to immerse themselves into. While government funds are required to pursue a well-studied solution, politicians ought not to use the problem to float their ugly ambitions. It is very unfortunate that this perennial problem is not being addressed properly as those in the know are not empowered to posit long-term solutions. Indeed, the best engineers could not come-up with appropriate measures unless adequate funds are allocated, which funds are in the stranglehold of politicians that holds the power of the purse.

As inundations affect many areas, local officials seem on a swan-swim slow motion taking action for the affected populace. Drenched in floodwater, people await assistance from their elected officials. This has been the nasty setup our patronage politics where people depend on elected officials for just every need. Politicians make every helping an opportunity for grandstanding to promote their political ends. This is the reason that government intervention are often in the provision of relief goods to victims of floods and other calamities. It is easy for politicians to pool resources to show off their assistance to the poor victims of calamities.

Nothing had been heard about allocating government funds towards solving the flood problems. All that politicians keep on pronouncing is the release of dole outs to victims of the flood and some measures to temporarily assuage the situation. Piecemeal approach to the problem will only increase the waste of government funds. We have seen how public officials had been implementing drainage project in each barangay. We do not know if such projects are contributing in any way towards a long term solution to the flood.

So much government funds had been washed to waste due to poor planning. It is really incorrect for government to treat the flood as a segregated problem of every barangay. The way to contain the flood problem must be by way of a comprehensive drainage plan that will serve as serve as guide in the construction of drainage. Else, government funds will just continue to go down the drain while floods remain a perennial problem.
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