Gem of thoughtsIn my almost two decades of being a JC (short for Jaycee or member of the Junior Chamber International), last January 31 (Chinese New Year) was my first to be part of the simplest and no-pomp JCI local organization (chapter) induction of officers and turn-over ceremony. What more? It was held in a heavily damaged clubhouse of the LO but in the presence of national president and four area vice-presidents. Adding a color, though, was the lion dance which served as an opening salvo. Further? Typhoon Basyang was expected to make a landfall in Southern Leyte @ 4 o’clock in the afternoon that very day.
This was how the JCI-Tacloban did its annual tradition, a formality required for the bequeathal of the reins of the LO from the outgoing to the incoming president. The event was moreover a joint one with the JCI-Tanauan Pasaka. The crowd of well-wishers was, nonetheless, consisting of not only those belonging to these two LOs but representatives, too, of JCI-Candahug Liberation, JCI-Catbalogan Balud and JCI-Catarman Cocoking, the three other more prominent and very active LOs in Eastern Visayas. Momentous day it was indeed.
Over the customary pleasantries that would never be absent were the valedictory and bequeathal speech of the outgoing president of JCI-Tacloban, Peluchi Jessamine Sinaca and of JCI-Tanauan, Randy Bioco, and the inaugural and acceptance speech of the incoming prexies, (San Miguel, Leyte Mayor) Cheeryl Enrica “Chekay” Letrondo-Esperas and ______ Fiel, respectively. Theirs were all very emotive, especially the talks of Peluchi and Mayor Chekay which mentioned of ending and beginning their respective term with supertyphoon Yolanda’s wrath causing much wreckage over the economic center of Region VIII, the highly-urbanized Tacloban City.
So noteworthy were the remarks of Mayor Chekay revolving on the challenge and opportunity that she gets in leading (for one development year) the LO in a very sluggish condition of Tacloban City and the severely ravaged towns in Leyte caused by sty Yolanda. For her there is no better way to time to really serve the community the JCI than now after sty Yolanda whacked Tacloban City. She felt even blessed to be leading the LO at the time when help from civic groups, like the JCI, is much needed by the society.
Worth mentioning is the speech delivered by JCI-Philippines National President (Assistant Vice-President of Nestle Philippines) JCI Sen. Christine Garcia who expressed her solidarity with the JCI LO members in the Visayas particularly Tacloban, Palo and Tanauan endeavoring much to rebuild the community in whatever means the organization could effectively be of service. She stressed further that she came like a husband (to the LOs) who may always be physically absent but nevertheless care and working hard for the family though from afar.
Bringing along her Executive Committee, NP Christine travelled to Eastern Visayas in so short notice, upon request of JCI-Tacloban through Regional Vice President Clark Cabelin, firstly to induct its new set of officers as well as of JCI-Tanauan, and secondly to have an dialogue (Talakayan) with local JCI members on how the national organization could help in the rebuilding strides of members who are all victims of sty Yolanda before effectively extending assistance to the community.
The four AVPs namely __________ and RVP Clark took their respective turns to shed light on certain hazy relevant issues. The Talakayan, which concluded the national execom’s visit to Tacloban, partly eased the mind of members on this aforementioned topic.
From JCI-Tacloban, inducted with JCI Mem. Chekay were Exec. VP (Tacloban City Councilor) Joms Bagulaya; VP for programs Anna Liza Salinas, for Community Mar Angelo Lim, for Individual Kristine Marie Llamas, for Business Giraldine Ong and for International Abegail Beringuer; Secretary Marilee Gorres; Treasurer Katherine Llamas; Auditor Albert Mulles; PRO Jeff Kenneth Monge; and directors Hazel Panao, Jerwin Torreros, Germerico Tañare, Gloria Clemente, Boyet Claros, Evelyn Eva Jerusalem and Abe Mercado.
Meantime, after long years of attempt, the JCI-Tacloban Circle of Past Presidents was formed and took oath before JCI-Philippines NP Christine. Inducted with the president (who incidentally is yours truly) were EVP Inocencio “Koks” Maderazo Jr, Secretary JCI Sen. Rommel “Brix” Verecio, Treasurer Dionisio Balintong Jr, and Directors Cicero Tootsie Maye, Jaime Lorenzo, Ahlyx Belleza, JCI Sen. Yul Ballesteros, Reynaldo Dacatimbang, Ruben Palomino, Felix Barrion, and Peluchi Sinaca.
Their induction is not just a social gathering, but a formality of bestowing upon each officer the duties and responsibilities appended to each position that they hold, just like how the JCI-Philippines braved the approaching typhoon Basyang on a Chinese New Year’s Day in response to the call for them to be with the members for this significant assembly. Yes, there were promises and pledges, but these are empty words if not coupled with effort to bring them into fruition. This is what Jayceeism partly is: “service to humanity is the best work of life.”