By tradition, Filipinos believe in Resolutions pronounced at the advent of a New Year – 2023 definitely marks a NEW BEGINNING to mankind, life style, beliefs, focus, and challenges.
Truly, pandemia has played (continues to date), a big role that helped shape and reshape human lives from year 2021 and succeeding years. Resolutions after resolutions were crafted by men and women in Planet Earth.

As mentioned earlier, Covid-19 that instigated living in the pandemia shrouded world – never mind if you were young or old, rich or poor, male or female, white-skinned or colored – viruses are undiscerning.

The imprint left with humanity and society could be summed up into health and economy problems – millions of lives lost and many countries economy impoverished. Lives lost are beyond replacement, banished from the face of the earth; while economy could be revived, could recuperate, but time dictates the pace to recovery to both problems.

In the Philippine setting, government efforts to hasten and effectively implement solutions to health problems are met by sectors of society defying, resisting from undergoing simple free vaccination (vaccines wasted due to the absence of ‘takers’, poor to no sufficient storage facilities , and expiring of Vaccines shelf life, etc.); while financial recovery is hampered by individuals who would rather tinker with peoples’ money, instead of helping judiciously spend it for a designated and worthy purpose.

Briefly and most specifically for the Philippines, I believe that the common denominator among the Filipinos expectations for 2023 are sustained solution to food security problem, curbing inflation and toning down prices of basic consumer items, e.g. fuel and fertilizer costs, providing jobs with corresponding just compensation, and continued peace and order with good governance, corrupt-free and highly motivated workers in public and private entities.
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