The Tacloban Eagles District under its district governor Ahlyx Belleza recently conducted bloodlet- ting activity with the blood collected donated at the blood bank of the Eastern Visayas Regional Med- ical Center. (JOEY A. GABIETA)

TACLOBAN CITY- Close to 200 individuals donated their precious blood that were donated to the blood bank of the Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center (EVRMC), this city.
The bloodletting activity was spearheaded by the Tacloban Eagles District (TED) which aims to help address the lack of blood supply at the EVRMC’ blood bank.
Ahlyx Belleza, TED’s district governor, said that their bloodletting activity, held last November 21 at the covered court of the Santo Niño Speed Center, is very timely considering the pandemic caused by coronavirus disease(COVID-19).
“The bloodletting activity is very relevant nowadays considering that there is a need of blood supply during this time of pandemic and there are not enough blood supply at our blood bank at present,” Belleza said.
It was learned that the bloodletting activity undertaken by the TED is one of the requirements for one to become a member of the organization as it continue to expand.
For a member to become a regular member, he or she should have bring at least two blood donors.
For this particular bloodletting activity, the group was able to collect around 80 bags of blood from the donors.
The newly-established eagle branches are the Central Tacloban Eagle’s Club; the Central Balyuan Eagle’s Club; the Central Kanhuraw Lady Eagles Club; and Palo Eagles Club.
According to Belleza, this bloodletting activity will now become a regular activity of their organization in consonance of it being a ‘community service organization.’
The annual bloodletting activity will be known as ‘Dugo ng Agila.’
“We are happy that there are people who willingly donate their blood and (in the process) help other’s lives,” Belleza said.
The group has earlier conducted a gift-giving to 500 school children from different public elementary schools in the northern part of Tacloban under its adopt-a-school program. (JOEY A. GABIETA)