TACLOBAN CITY—The inaugural “Manggad san Northern Samar Trade Fair,” a key component of the Ibabao Festival honoring the Month-long celebration of Northern Samar’s founding anniversary, officially commences today, May 16, 2024, in Tacloban City, and will run until May 19, 2024.

This trade fair serves as a pivotal platform for promoting and showcasing the Ibabao Heritage Cuisine, a cornerstone of the province’s cultural richness. It celebrates the distinctive culinary traditions that contribute to the vibrant cultural mosaic of Northern Samar.

Featuring a thoughtfully curated selection of 44 Nortehanon exhibitors, the trade fair offers a diverse range of locally crafted products, with a focus on food items that epitomize the creativity and uniqueness of Northern Samar’s culinary legacy.

Beyond boosting sales, the primary aim of the event is to raise awareness about the exceptional gastronomic heritage of the province by providing local entrepreneurs with an avenue to present their offerings.

Moreover, the trade fair acts as a crucial bridge linking Nortehanon entrepreneurs with potential customers from beyond the province, thereby broadening their market presence and fostering economic growth within the region.

The attendance of DTI Regional Director Celerina T. Bato at the event underscores the significance of this initiative in supporting local industries and preserving cultural heritage.
In her opening remarks, Director Bato commended Northern Samar’s pioneering efforts in organizing an independent trade fair, expressing admiration for the province’s commitment to promoting its unique offerings.

She even issued a friendly challenge to other provinces in the Eastern Visayas Region to follow suit and host their own provincial trade fairs.

By cultivating a collaborative business ecosystem, the success of the Manggad san Northern Samar Trade Fair underscores the province’s steadfast dedication to conserving its cultural heritage while driving economic prosperity through the promotion of local products and traditions.

This event symbolizes the united efforts of the Provincial Government of Northern Samar and DTI-Northern Samar in nurturing a vibrant and sustainable local economy.