ORMOC CITY-The ill-fated ship that ran aground in the municipality of Capul, Northern Samar earlier this year and was brought to Balwharteco Port in Allen, also in the same province, met another sad fate when it was found half submerged at 3:30 am at the said port.

Coast Guard SN2 Hernandez of the Allen Coast Guard informed the media that the vessel, MV Reina Hosanna, was discovered half submerged while docked at the port.

According to the crew, the vessel became half submerged for an unidentified reason.
The MV Reina Hosanna, operated by Montenegro Shipping, ran aground in Capul on February 11 this year due to engine failure.

A salvage operation was conducted, and the ship was successfully towed and brought to Allen on May 13, 2024.

However, it was found half submerged on Tuesday (May 14).

Personnel from Coast Guard Northern Samar immediately proceeded to the location to verify the situation and coordinated with MEPU personnel for the possible layout of oil spill booms.

Fortunately, no sightings of oil spillage or leakage were reported.