MAASIN CITY – The Department of Public Works and Highways – Southern Leyte District Engineering Office has recently started the installation of kilometer posts along major highways under its jurisdiction.

The move was intended in an effort to improve road navigation, particularly for drivers and motorists who may be unfamiliar with the area, and reach their desired destinations safely and more efficiently, the DPWH-SLDEO said in a press statement.

The kilometer posts were installed along the major road networks in the province, the markers indicating the distance from starting point and along the way, giving ease for commuters to travel around.

“The installation of kilometer posts is a significant step towards improving road safety and efficiency,” District Engineer Manolo Rojas said, “with the kilometer posts in place, drivers can easily determine their location and plan their routes accordingly.”

“This will also help emergency responders to quickly locate accidents or incidents, potentially saving lives,” Rojas further said.

A kilometer post is a marker placed along a road or highway to indicate the distance from a specific starting point, usually from the beginning or end of the road.

It typically includes information on the distance in kilometers, and may also include directional signs, road numbers, and other relevant data that guide safely passing visitors, local or foreign tourists, and reference points for emergency responders.

Usually made of metal or concrete, kilometer posts are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and accidental damage, spaced at regular intervals, such as every kilometer, and may be placed on the side of the road, on a median, or in the center of a roundabout.
(MMP with DPWH-SLDEO/PIA Southern Leyte)