BORONGAN CITY-District Engineer Alvin A. Ignacio has restored the Value Focus Program which the district has been doing before the pandemic. This is done during the flag-raising ceremony every Monday at the office ground.

According to Nilda Limbauan, Chief of the Administrative Section and the one who organize the said activity, the values restoration program is the self-approach to combat the problem of graft and corruption, inefficiency, and broken relationships between government employees in their workplace.

“There are 52 value focuses that are lined up to be discussed every Monday’s flag-raising ceremony by each assigned Section Chief. The DE then gives some inputs about the value discussed by the section chief, giving emphasis on how it is applied in our workplace,” said Limbauan.

She also added that focus values are the fundamental beliefs and operating principles that assure the strategic direction of the organization and are the basic elements of how work is accomplished, dictating all internal behaviors, as well as focus relationship with clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Meanwhile, Assistant District Engineer Domcelio Natividad appreciates and supports the inclusion again of the sharing of values topic in the flag ceremony.

“We already had this discussion of values every Monday, but not pursued due to the pandemic. With the initiative of DE Alvin, we are happy to have it included again in the flag-raising ceremony and to hear the discussions from the Chiefs of Section who will serve as role models,” said ADE Natividad.

According to District Engineer Ignacio, to include the sharing of values focus topic during the flag ceremony is to start the first day of the week by reminding everyone to have a positive attitude in the workplace, especially in dealing with our clients.

“This values reformation activity is a big help for the character development of a government employee as an individual and a public servant. It helps us continually uphold the department’s core values to serve our clients well and meet our goals by having harmoniously working relationships with our co-employees,” said DE Ignacio.
This week’s values topic is charity and compassion.

District Engineer Alvin Ignacio highlighted that these two values are essential to government employees because, as public servants, we must extend assistance to our clients and co-workers in times of need, whether professional or personal.

The district engineer advised the employees, especially the engineers who handle projects and who make plans, to do their best in their work and to have compassion for the people of Eastern Samar.

“Dapat yung level niyo ng malasakit is mas mataas pa kaysa sa District Engineer. Kasi kayo yung taga rito. That’s why let’s ensure that the projects we implement on site are safe, with quality and meets the standards,” added DE Ignacio.(JAYSON ESPESO/PR)