In order to retool and update the district engineers (DEs) and district maintenance engineers (DMEs) of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) on the basic maintenance planning procedure, methodology and practices, a two (2)-day training/workshop was conducted at the DPWH-Regional Office No. VII in Cebu City. The workshop aimed to refresh them on basic maintenance methodology as well as the details in the preparation of the annual maintenance work program (AMWP).

Various training methodologies were employed during the training which include pro-active discussions, video presentation, workshop, walk-the-line and open forum. An actual field inspection to determine road distress was also facilitated in order to effectively edify and illustrate the basics of maintenance methodologies. Given the said training strategies, the participants are expected to assimilate in their respective work the DPWH’s goal of putting emphasis on the role of proper and timely road maintenance to preserve infrastructure assets of the government, recognize the importance of safety management before, during and after every repair works/operations, be familiar with significance and details of the different Maintenance Planning features thru active participation in the preparation of AMWP that would incorporate labor, appropriate equipment and proper material resources based on needs and become skilled thru gainful knowledge of the proper way to implement and apply basic road repair works on every road distress/defects.

The training ended with a written exam and distribution of certificates to all participants. DE Virgilio Eduarte and DME Albert Lazana of Samar First District Engineering Office are among the said participants along with the DEs and DMEs of DPWH-Region VIII. (Leviresa Getigan-Barnizo, Samar I PIO Staff)