ORMOC CITY-The lifeless body of a woman who was later identified as a supplier of fruits and vegetables was found floating under a bridge in Mondragon, Northern Samar on April 27 at about 5:55 am.

Town police chief, Captain Verna Cesista, identified the victim as a certain Rita, 53, and a resident of Catarman.

Cesista said that a couple passing at the bridge located in Barangay Bugko found the lifeless body of the victim floating in Bugko River.

She said the couple who were stunned after seeing the floating body immediately called their station to pull it out of the water.

Cesista continued that upon arrival in the area, they learned that none of the residents know the identity of the victim prompting them to conduct a deeper investigation until they were informed that the victim was a trader from Catarman and a big supplier of fruits and vegetable in several markets including that of Catarman where she and her four children resides along with his common law husband.

The victim incurred big contusions in her back and a broken face which she said might be the cause of her sudden death, the town police chief.

Cesista suspected that the victim was killed somewhere and just threw her body in the river of the said barangay.

She further said that they have already have a person of interest with the said killing but did not elaborate. (ROBERT DEJON)