ORMOC CITY-A coffee shop owner was found dead inside his hotel room at about 12: 30 midnoon on Wednesday( April 1) in Tacloban City.

Police named the victim as “Mar”, 38, single, coffee shop owner and resident of Maydolong, Eastern Samar.

Investigation conducted by investigators from Police Station 1 of the Tacloban City Police Office said that a room attendant of Hotel Estrella was instructed by his superior to inform the occupant of Room 210 about his check-out time.

The police said that the attendant heed then went to the room of the victim and knocked on the door several times.

However, the police added that the said occupant was not answering his call prompting the attendant to return to the desk and informed his superiors the occupant did not answer his knocking.

The hotel management had decided to open the room and were surprised to see the victim lying with his back in the bed with vomit in his mouth.

The local police immediately called the city police forensic unit to process the crime scene.
The police has yet to release the result of their finding and what could be possibly the cause of death of the victim.