EV remains to be free from ‘bird flu’

TACLOBAN CITY– Although Eastern Visayas remains to be free from Avian influenza, the Department of Agriculture (DA) in the region raised an alert due to the recent unusual mortality of birds reported.

The unusual phenomenon is suspected to be due to Avian flu, also known as bird flu, as the DA is now conducting an investigation.

Jezeel Josol, Veterinarian III, said that bird flu is considered an economically important disease that can drastically affect the agriculture sector once there is a mass infection among birds on the farms.

The high mortality rate of poultry can lead to loss of profit and an unfavorable impact on the agricultural industry, she added.

The DA also assures that their task force is ready to handle in case there will be bird flu reports in the region.

Furthermore, their central office prohibits ducks to be transported to our region without complete papers and permits to ensure the ducks are free from avian-influenza flu for this type of bird shows no symptoms of flu even if it’s already infected.