A 1.28 meters saltwater crocodile was found inside a fish pen in a coastal village in Quinapondan, Eastern Samar on Sunday(July 9). The crocodile was turned over to the regional office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources(DENR) in Tacloban City(Uswag Quinapondan)

TACLOBAN CITY– A saltwater crocodile was discovered by a fisherman in Quinapondan, Eastern Samar on Sunday (July 9) inside his fish cage.

The crocodile, measuring 1.28 meters and weighing 50 kilograms, was discovered by Alfred Abejo of Barangay Palactad, a coastal village seven kms away from the town proper.
Felix John Bianes, the municipal environment and resources officer, said that the fisherman found the crocodile inside his fish cage at about 7 am.

At first, Abejo thought that what was inside his fish cage was just a big lizard but when he got a closer look, and to his shock, was the crocodile.

This prompted him to ask for help from other fishermen who were also around at that time by tying his body and mouth using a rope.

The villagers immediately reported their discovery of the crocodile to the municipal government.

“This is the first time that a crocodile was found in Quinapondan,” Bianes said in an interview.

He could not say yet if the crocodile came from the river located in the village. “And I could not say if somebody is taking care of a crocodile in our town,” Baines said.

Still, they have already asked the residents, particularly those from Palactad to immediately report to their office if they will have some similar sightings.

It was learned that the discovery of the crocodile has caused alarm among residents as they are not discounting of the possibility that there could be other crocodiles.

The animal has been turned over to the regional office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources based in Tacloban City.

Meantime, the fisherman where the crocodile was found is seeking help after his fish pen was destroyed.