Sickness beside death is another great leveler that brings people to reflect of their being especially for members of the family who are expected to share unconditional love and care. The commandment to love is universal and is applicable to all families of whatever race, creed or economic status. It is the bond that keeps the family strong amidst all the odds, challenges and difficulties of life. It is the faith and trust in God that keeps the hope of getting over whatever problem confronts our daily life.

It is well for us to recognize the truth that we came into this world without anything. Even our first breath is a grace that we receive from the love of God. This is why our life is merely borrowed from our Creator who has all the right to take back the life He lent. This reality is given ample reflection during the Lenten season, that our life is merely lent to us by God and is not our own.

At birth, we are the grace that brings joy and happiness to our parents. They shower us with unconditional love and give us care with all their time and attention. Parental sacrifices are indeed immeasurable as they keep their baby protected from even the smallest bedbug, mosquito, fly or other insects. They are awake until the wee hours to give you milk and change your diaper, the non-disposable kind to be washed in laundry the day after.

While some parents are doing their duty with the expectation that their child will also take care of them when they grow old, most parents just do their parental duties and obligations out of love, without thinking of getting anything in return. They fulfill their obligation to nurture and educate their children because it is their obligation as parents. Truly, caring and loving is not for counting.

In the years when our parents grow old, children are expected to give love and care to their parents. It is not a matter of imposed obligation but something that our parents deserve. It is thus appalling to know that children are passing among themselves the responsibility to care for their parents. Perhaps they forget to recognize the sacrifices of their parents during the years when children were growing and helpless. The unfortunate thing is when children are up and ready just to grab their inheritance from their old and dying parents.

Maybe children need to be reminded that no matter how many they are, their parents worked hard and sacrificed in order to support their needs and ensure that they become what they are now. It is painful for parents to feel unloved and uncared from by their children as they grow old, sick and dying. While there are grateful children who care and love their parents all the days of their lives, there are those who are too ungrateful and do not want to share for their parents. There are children who become successful than their siblings but are very greedy and hesitant to share their riches, demanding shares from their siblings who have less in life, all because they are by their very nature, counting.
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