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In Leyte’s 3rd district

TACLOBAN CITY-A police officer is in hot water as he was being tagged to be behind the killing of a village official in San Isidro, Leyte.

In a complaint filed before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office in Leyte, Leyte, the police officer who held the rank of a police corporal, was named by Jhon Gulbe to have reportedly shot to death Elizalde Tabon, village chairman of Daja-Diot last Feb.24 this year inside their barangay hall.

The same incident also resulted in the death of village councilor Paolo Al Mendero and Rusty Salazar, a civilian. A village watchman, Alex Bacor was wounded in the same gun attack carried by four armed men, who reportedly included the accused police officer.
According to the complaint by Gulbe he filed on April 15, he was able to identify the police oficer as he was not wearing any bonnet during the incident.

“I really recognized him because he was not wearing a bonnet or a facemask, and besides that, there was an illumination of the light coming from inside the barangay hall building and in addition, I know his physical built. He was only wearing a cap, black shirt, and short pants,” Gulbe said in his affidavit.

Gulbe, who identified himself as a cousin of the slain barangay leader, also said that he has personal information that the police officer was assigned at the San Isidro police office as he has seen him there on several occasions.

He also stated in his affidavit that no one was behind or supported him in his filing of the complaint against the police officer.

Tabon was just among several barangay officials in Leyte’s third district who were either killed or wounded in the past, particularly during the barangay elections period.

The entire third district, composed of the towns of Leyte, Calubian, San Isidro, Tabango, and Villaba, was named as an area of concern during the barangay polls.