People had been captivated by the techno fad of communications that most are frantic about being connected. The fastness of information had practically reduced the globe like one mote in a web. What used to be distant places across the globe are now too near akin to just on ones palm. Messages that used to travel across the miles over the months are not longer so as the miles today seem too short a traversable distance in a few ticks of the second. The communication cycle had truly been cut short and made of the clearest signal to rid of undesirable distortions. The advancement in communications technology is by and by a boon in many aspects. It had made life tremendously convenient as time is used to the optimum efficiency. The long wait for message transmission and feedback is now a matter of a click of a button.

Many are unwittingly unaware of the fundamental truth that we can never say no to communication. It is the means by which we are able to relate with our fellow beings and there is no way evading such means. Whether one makes a reply or not to a particular communication, there is always to the message sender a feedback that comes in many forms. Even if the recipient of a particular message purposely ignores the message or sends the same to the trash bin, the sender will in some way receive a feedback message. A no reply is not really so for to the sender such act of the receiver is reply in itself. It may mean to the sender that the receiver did not hear or receive the message or is too inutile and incapable of sending back a reply.

The unfortunate thing however is that the feedback out of a no reply often sends the wrong signals to the sender. Gut perception about the response is likely inaccurate and is just too good to be true. It is not unlike the situation when message sender formulates his own responses to fill the gap created. It is thus always the better option to make clear ones response so that there will be no miscommunication or worse, misunderstanding. Clear and express communication that bears the true message is still the best rather than keeping it hanging, distorted and confusing. This is not much on the technology but on the persons’ ability to make clear and true messages that promotes understanding.

One important point that communicators must never forget or even set aside is the fact that meanings are in people. It is misplaced connotation to consider dictionaries as containing meanings as what are found in it are definitions. Meanings vary depending on the individual’s experiences and perceptions. In this era of high technology communications, people must exercise prudence in sending messages that might sow misunderstanding instead of good relations. The tendency to be quick often led to unforced errors that sometimes result in destructive repercussions.

The challenge upon every person is to make communications a useful tool to promote peace, harmony and understanding. With the advance gadgets that afford quick communications, there is more reason to be extra cautious so that only what is good and what is true are sent across people across the globe. We must be responsible in choosing the information that we must spread to others. This is the only way that we can do our share in maintaining harmony and understanding, two essential elements to world peace and progress.
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