In Ormoc City

ORMOC CITY-The government here is serious in clearing its roads from obstructions to make traveling safe and efficient.
Thus said Mayor Richard Gomez who said that roads within Ormoc, especially the national highways, should not be used as parking areas.
“We have to clear the national highways from illegal park vehicles. The roads were widen not to become parking spaces but for the use of traveling vehicles,” the city mayor said.
Establishment owners like those who will be constructing their structures must see to it that they will have parking spaces for their vehicles and their clients to ensure that they will not obstruct the road and cause traffic.
“This needs political will. We need to show them that we are enforcing the law for them to know that it is illegal to park along the national highway,” Gomez said.
Gomez added that aside from prohibiting vehicle owners to use road as parking areas, the city government will also relocate vulcanizing shops that are operating along national roads.
This is part of the implementation of the city land use and zoning ordinance.
“We will be relocating them to areas where they can have a parking area,” Gomez said.
“We don’t want to see them working along the sidewalks because sidewalks are created for pedestrian use,” he added.
Gomez said that he hopes that villages located along the national highway will cooperate with them.
He added that houses located along the national highways should have about 5-meters setback from the drainage to protect their property and their children from untoward incidents.
Along with the clearing of road from traffic obstruction, Mayor Gomez said that for the next three years of his term, more road networks will be opened in the city considering that it is a fast growing urban area.