BORONGAN CITY- Borongan City athletes competing in the Eastern Visayas Regional Athletic Association(EVRAA) Meet 2018 need to work out their stamina and endurance.
This was what Assistant Division Superintendent Gaudencio Aljibe, Jr. told the media in a mini-press conference held recently at the office of the Department of Education.
Some 400 athletes from Borongan City will be competing in the EVRAA to be held in Calbayog City on Feb 4 – 10, 2018.
As early as January, Aljibe said that the different coaches have started physical activities like brisk walking, jogging and running, activities needed to enlarge the lung capacity, build the muscles around the heart and strengthen the muscles for endurance.
These physical exercises, along with the food intake designed by the school’s health and nutrition center, prepare the athletes to withstand the rigors of the physical training preparations.
Supt. Gorgonio Diaz, on the other hand, said that they have met the school board to tackle the financial needs of the delegation in Calbayog.
He revealed that the city is funding some P 2.4 million while the DepEd complements the budget with P1 million budget.
As to what sporting events they would join, Diaz said that they have as many entries as there are in EVRAA.
The Borongan delegation is proud that they have always been champion in taekwondo.
Although they have been ranked 11 out of 13 divisions last year, the DepEd officials this time feel they are improving.
The City Meet scheduled very soon will serve as screening for the best athletes Borongan will bring to Calbayog for a fierce sporting competition.