NAVAL, Biliran, December 12 (PIA) – Even though firecrackers are not visible yet in the market stalls of Naval, the capital town and center of commerce of the province of Biliran, the Biliranons are warned on the use of firecrackers in celebrating the holiday seasons.
The Provincial Health Office has reminded the public to be cautious on the use of firecrackers amidst their merriment in celebrating the Christmas and the New Year festivities.
The public is urged to refrain from buying and using firecrackers in their merriment to be spared from additional expenses, risks, dangers, and other ill- effects of firecrackers to one’s health.
Earlier, President Rodrigo Duterte planned to impose a nationwide ban on firecrackers but later deferred the plan as concerned groups in the firecracker industry requested him not to push through the planned ban for they have already purchased their products.
The President himself has appealed to the public to take precautions in using firecrackers and other pyrotechnics during the revelries.
It was learned that Davao City, where President Duterte was mayor for a long time, celebrates the holiday season with solemnity. (PIA-BILIRAN)