Cabucgayan Mayor Edwin Masbang (extreme right) explains to the members of the team from the Naval State University of Naval town, Biliran province, who visited the Kasabangan Falls of their plans to improve the facilities of the town’s tourist attraction. (Photo by: Restituto A. Cayubit)

CABUCGAYAN, Biliran – The local government unit of this municipality is drawing up plans and implement projects for the development of its two waterfalls as tourism draws.
Mayor Edwin Masbang said that the two waterfalls, Kasabangan and Casiawan, have their nice ambiances, good environmental conditions with their cascading waters down the slopes.
“The cold, relaxing and refreshing water inspire nature lovers to visit the falls. The two alluring falls have their breathtaking sceneries wherein tourists can enjoy activities like diving and swimming,” he added.
Masbang said that Kasabangan Falls which has already been developed as a tourist attraction is multi-layered with 13 layers of waterfalls from its highest level up in the mountain.
On the other hand, the 40-meter Casiawan Falls, which is believed to be the home to playful fairies, one can swim in the pool of the waterfalls.
Masbang said that his office is seeking and appealing for assistance from the provincial government of Biliran, the Department of Tourism and other concerned agencies for the improvement of the facilities of these two falls.
The mayor said that he is optimistic that more local and foreign tourists will visit these falls once their tourism potentials are fully developed and will give more revenues of the town.