Everytime the rain pound on our roof in its relentless staccatos, some people would let go of that cry of anguish.

Why, its raining again? When would is the halt?

For the long and steady January Rains came as its xommon denominator. We have known the Rainfall warning by its color Red, Orange etc.

And ib a good note, by these colors we knew that Orange is a time of class suspension and that Red is dangerous and outright deadly 9f a warning.

Yes through it all, Rains comes as a nourishment to our plant and a cleanser of our dirts and garbage on the roads and wherever else.

Rains give life, it paves for the rejuvenated throbbing of once dead frog, i saw this first hand.

A dead frog lying lifeless on the grass was given another lease of life, because raindrops touch it’s face.

While it slowly moves and finally leap in the greens, the young botly in me was amiling ear to ear. It was a ressurection of sort in my 7 year old mind.

The rain gives irrigation to our Ricefields and the raging river gives coconuts, drift wood and other floating mementos ready for salvage.

Yet. We curse its coldness and feel a little bit of exasperation because, we cannot control its ebb, its through, its starts and its end.

But if it creates life at our inconvenience and that steady drops help the farmers, then who are we to disagree.

It is better to have these hard, sustained, steady and cold rain that noirish life than that the prolong dry season that extinguishes it.