ORAS, Eastern Samar – A top Army official based this town said that he would continue to work with other government agencies to ensure that peace will be achieved.

Lt.Colonel Peter Burgonio, commanding officer of the 14th Infantry Battalion, based this town, said attaining peace and order is not just their duty but is a collaborative effort by other stakeholders. He said that ending the armed struggle being put up by the rebel group, the New People’s Army, will not come to a stop by mere armed fight. Instead, this could be attain if other stakeholders like local government units and other agencies of the government will work together. In particular, Burgonio said, necessary infrastructures should be put into place, especially in remote villages where NPA rebels are commonly sighted. “I will continue to solicit the help and offer partnership to the various sectors so as to immediately put in place the needed government services to the people,” Burgonio said.

He said that soliciting support from other stakeholders is now immediate at this time considering that the people in the villages have openly extended their support to help end the problem on insurgency. “We need to double our efforts since the reason why the conflict has become manageable is because the people trust the government and this is where the challenge really comes on how we are going to sustain this,” Burgonio said. “This can be sustained through serious implementation of government programs, bringing the needed services to the people and showing that the government cares for them,” he added.

The Army official expressed his gratitude for the support and commitment of the provincial government under Governor Conrado Nicart, Jr. on their campaign against insurgency. “Yes, it is very true that the provincial government has strongly supported the AFP in the fight to curve the insurgency problem in the province, but we have to also push for the needed intervention such as infrastructure projects which are very essential especially in the hinterland barangays,” Col. Burgonio said.(JAZMIN BONIFACIO)