CARTOON14Senator Koko Pimentel III sounds quite credible, when he described the digital file of whistle blower Ben Hur Luy relative to the PDAF scam as a “useless nonsense” Observers of this scam are beginning to be blurred by recent happening on account of so many lists of suspect legislators in both houses of Congress involved in this thievery to include personalities of agencies in government. With over a hundred suspects allegedly involved in this unprecedented corruption of the century in the Philippines, it will take years before this is going to be terminated with the guilty suspects behind bars. Then again and out of the blue, we read the banner story that appeared in the June 1 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer saying that the affidavits executed by the queen and mother of all scams, Janet Lim-Napoles, charging legislators as recipients of P10B pork barrel scam, would just be mere scrap of paper without strong evidences to support her allegations. If the National Bureau of Investigation officials who expressed these doubts will only depend on paper-signed evidences by suspects then no solution is at hand to put these “honorable” officials behind bars for the crime committed. No one among these suspects would sign any “receipt” for what they “stole” from this scam. The NBI however can employ and extensively explore other viable strategies to strengthen their cases against these traitor-politician in our midst.