Corporal Denver Jay Busa believes his gender will not be a hindrance his work as a police personnel. The 27-year-old cop also affirms his strong obedience to God as he carries out his duty as a peace officer.

TACLOBAN CITY – POLICE OFFICER Denver Jay Busa reflects on his childhood surrounded by books, flowers, and female friends.

“I grew up with a great love for flowers, especially during Flores de Mayo, because I love to decorate our church with lots of flowers to make it look more beautiful,” says the 27-year-old police corporal from Maydolong town in Eastern Samar province.

His fondness for beautiful flowers traces back to the teachings of his catechist teachers at St. Roch the Healer Chapel in their small village of Maybocog in Maydolong, a quaint fourth-class town in Eastern Samar home to over 15,000 people.

“My religion teachers reminded me that when you offer a flower during Flores de Mayo, you offer it to Mama Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. From this, I realized that we should do our best and give everything to the Lord all the time,” Busa shares.

At the age of nine, Busa began assisting the priest during mass and joining the choir, deeply involving himself in church activities. “Every Sunday, I feel part of a group with a purpose. And that purpose is to serve God and others,” he says, recalling his formative years.

He fondly remembers the late priest Nemesio Quiloña, who influenced him about the Catholic faith and Christian values during his teenage years as a church helper.
A love for knowledge and spiritual matters

As the eldest son of four siblings, Busa already sees himself as the family’s breadwinner. His father, Ernesto Jr., is a coconut farmer, while his mother, Ma. Rodita, works as a laundrywoman.

“My parents work hard for all of us. This is the reason why I also work hard to finish my studies,” he says. Busa expresses gratitude to his neighbor, the late Maximo Mabansag, for introducing him to the Angelus prayer and providing access to educational resources.

“His family strictly observed the Angelus prayer. As a frequent visitor to their house, I discovered the importance of praying for my own family,” Busa shares, reminiscing about his childhood visits to their home.

During his high school years in Maydolong, Busa spent more time with female friends than with males, acknowledging his membership in the LGBTQI community. Despite this, he excelled academically, graduating as valedictorian in elementary and first honor in high school.

In 2015, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Eastern Samar State University-Maydolong Campus, receiving the “Student Excellence Award.”

A Journey to Law Enforcement

Upon graduation, Busa faced challenges securing a teaching position due to political reasons, leading him to explore alternative career paths. Hearing a radio announcement about the need for new police officer applicants at the Police Regional Office-Eastern Visayas (PRO8) reignited his sense of purpose.

After completing the one-year police training course and becoming a leader in his class, Busa now serves at the PRO8 Regional Public Information Office. He handles information dissemination to the public through various platforms and hosts police radio programs.

Grounded in service and faith

Despite the success in his career, Busa remains grounded in his profession and faith. He emphasizes the importance of serving others and striving for righteousness in his work and community involvement.

Starting his day with prayer and devotion, Busa shares Biblical verses on his social media platforms to inspire others. He remains loyal to his profession, proud of the values upheld by law enforcement officers despite criticisms.

In his seven years in the police force, Busa has only fired his gun during marksmanship training, prioritizing maximum tolerance and protection of lives. He believes in the power of law enforcement to combat evil and protect the community.

Busa’s journey from a church helper to a police corporal exemplifies resilience, idealism, and unwavering faith, proving that one can be both tough in duty and Godly in service.