Alliance of typhoon Yolanda survivors has asked the help of the Archbishop of Manila Cardinal Luis Antonio for their struggle as they demand justice and attention from the government on their plight.
“We feel that the Aquino government has let the people down, there are many who continue to suffer five months after the calamity, and the government’s reconstruction program is inherently anti-poor,” said Sr. Edita Eslopor, People Surge spokesperson, as the victims dramatized their struggles by holding protest march and “people’s Calvary” nationwide on April 8, to commemorate the fifth month of the disaster.
Hundreds of protesters carried small crucifixes during the procession to remind Pres. Benigno Aquino III his “criminal negligence” to the the victims.
“So this Holy Week we are seeking the blessings of the Catholic Church for the Yolanda survivors who suffer like Christ, as well as its moral suasion to remind the Aquino government of its obligations to the poor and downtrodden,” added the Benedictine nun.
According to Eslopor, the activity is out of respect for the Holy Week tradition and symbolic of the plight of the Yolanda survivors.
“We hope to enlighten the Catholic Church and the public about the continuing struggle of the Yolanda survivors. By doing so, we hope also the Aquino government will wake up to its immorality and unjustness towards the Yolanda survivors,” added Eslopor in a statement to Leyte Samar Daily Express.
The victims maintained that rehabilitation in affected areas remain slow five months after super typhoon Yolanda hit central Philippines last year killing over 8,000 and displacing over four million people.

By Ronald O. Reyes