ORMOC CITY- Subscribers of the Ormoc Telephone Company, Inc. (Ortelco) could enjoy a better and faster service.
This was assured by the company’s assistant manager, Inday Flores who said that right after the city sustained damages due to supertyphoon Yolanda, they immediately conducted their restoration operations and added more upgrading to serve better their clients.
Flores said that companies which sustained 80% damages during the typhoon got the chance of upgrading their services by incorporating the internet from its previous telephone services using fiber optic cable.
Currently, it has restored around 37% of its 2,283 subscribers in the city. Flores said that telephone connections in the city to include government offices and villages located at Camp Downes, Can-adieng going to Bantigues are now fully functional.
The Ortelco poured in considerable amount on the rehabilitation of their lines and connections after the typhoon, adding that some of their materials were even stolen.
Eighty percent of village lines are now using copper cable wires to ensure durability and clearer communication services, Flores said.
While restoration works continue, the telephone company accepts new applicants offering free installation cost with 75-meter service drop wire from the terminal box and another 25-meter inside jacketed wiring for free.
Only the telephone unit is to be paid by the new subscribers.
The Ortelco has been in operations in Ormoc City since 1952.
It adopted digital after sustaining damages in 1991 flashflood and now went into fiber optic cable and incorporating the internet following Yolanda. (ELVIE ROMAN ROA)