ORMOC CITY-A laboring mother did not reach the hospital as she delivered her baby on board a motorboat while they going to a hospital at the town center of Dolores, Eastern Samar on Sunday (Nov. 20).

Mary Balbaboco,28 was having some labor pains while she was at their house in Barangay Hilabaan at about 4 am.

One of the village’s councilors, Letecia Corado volunteered to bring Balbaboco to a hospital at the town center.

However, at about 6:30 am, she delivered a baby girl-her fourth child with other passengers on the boat providing assistance for a safe delivery.

The mother and her newborn baby were still brought to a hospital on board an ambulance where the umbilical cord of the baby was cut.

It was learned from Corado that in their village, the ‘no home’ delivery is strictly imposed reason they don’t have a midwife or ‘kumadrona.’

This means, she said, all mothers are to deliver their babies at the town center reason there were instances that a mother delivers her baby while being on board of a motor boat.