WE should not be too surprised and bothered by this phenomenon. Given our human limitations and weaknesses, this predicament can take place anytime and often. What we need to do is to go immediately to God, ask for pardon and the grace to begin again. Our failures should not alienate us from God and from the others. Rather, it should humble us and urge us to go to God and to begin again.

It’s true that we should try our best to be very consistent with what we preach. But given our wounded human condition, we cannot expect that everything will be consistent in our life. There are just too many things to contend with in our life that to be consistent all the time is next to impossible.

In trying, for example, to uphold and defend our Christian faith, we may have to refrain from insisting on it if, out of charity and prudence, those with whom we are dealing are not yet ready to hear about our Christian faith. We can appear to be inconsistent with our faith, at least, for a period of time. But we purposely do it if only to gradually lead others to our Christian faith.

But there are also times when out of human weakness, we fail to practice what we preach. This may be due to our laziness or a mistaken notion of prudence, etc., but we should not get stuck feeling bad for long or, worse, discouraged.

Failures and inconsistencies do happen in our lives. They can happen everyday, and even many times during the day. They may not be big failures. They are usually small ones. But they are somehow like a constant feature of our life. We should not anymore be surprised by this fact of life, and much less, held captive by them.

We should know how to handle them. Not only that, we should know how we can derive some good from them. That’s because our failures can actually channel great things for us. They can be a blessing in disguise.

In this life, we are supposed to be clever as serpents while remaining simple as doves. (cfr. Mt 10,16) That’s the advice Christ gave his disciples in dealing with the drama of life. And this advice can be more concretely specified by developing in us that skill of knowing how to let go and to move on when we suffer failures.

We should not forget that there are many other more pleasant possibilities than getting stuck with our failures. As one saint would put it, when one door closes, another door opens. In life, there are actually many doors that we can open. God provides us with countless possibilities to recover.

If we have the proper attitude, if we are with God, we would know that our life possesses an infinity of possibilities. We always have to remember that God is always on top of things. Nothing happens outside of his providence no matter how messy things can get in our life. There’s a time for everything, we are told. (cfr. Ecclesiastes 3,1-8) This should always be in our mind so that we do not overreact when failures come.

What we ought to do is to go immediately to God and to refer things to him. He will be the one to reassure us that everything will just be fine. Nothing happens without him knowing and allowing it to happen. And if he allows it to happen, it is because there is a greater good that can be derived from it. In God’s math, the gains far outweigh the losses.